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Not sure of what was going on here, haha

So I have 5 days left and I cannot go anywhere... This is the second time something like this has happened. Not to mention that I found the treasure, but he basically refuses to dig it up.

Hi, sorry to hear that, could you give some more information about the issue so I can figure out what happened? How many days did you have left, and which island were you on?

It happened multiple times, and each time was different, sorry. :)

I love these short kind of meaningful games

Hello! I loved your game, it was fun to play as well as looking cute and really engaging! I made a let's play of it here~

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Lovely little game! The poetical structure for the narrative was a really nice touch too.

Thanks for you kind comments, I appreciate it :)

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The game's goal is clear: find your long lost treasure. But after playing it, I feel like there's a much deeper message to be found. What really matters is the journey and not actually finding your destination. That's being translated in the game by the voyage our pirate protagonist has, a journey that is ever changing every time you replay it. And, for me, that's an allegory for life. We keep setting goals and lose ourselves in the endless search for ways to achieve them. In the process we also miss all the amazing adventures we're having, because we're so busy anticipating our destination. That's at least my interpretation of the game.

Gameplay-wise, I could see myself play more of this, if you, kind developer, have plans to extend it that is. It's a classic concept but I really enjoyed the visualization and the way the random enemies could make it or break it for you. In some parts it reminded me of Sid Meier's pirates (and oh boy, do i love that game!), so I'd love to see more of this game in the future! I have a few ideas as to what I'd like to see in your game, but i'll keep them for when/if you decide to work on it more.

All in all, a great jam game, you did an amazing work and it is, in my opinion, a real gem! I recorded a gameplay of "A Pirate's End" in case anyone is interested:


Thanks for trying out the game and for your kind words! I'm glad most of the message of the game came through. I have no plans to extend it right now as I have another game I need to finish first.

One thing I should mention is that your comment should probably have a SPOILER ALERT put on it so people know not to read it or watch the video it if they want to experience the story themselves.

Thanks again!

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